First Warranty Payment Services.

Flexible Payment Solutions


Á la Carte Services are our Specialty!

At First Warranty we offer funding solutions and pay-as-you-go services for sellers of aftermarket service contracts and warranties.

Product Funding

We have over 25 years of payment plan funding experience. We know what we do and we do it well.

Customer Service

Customer service? Yes, we do that.
We also allow our servicing clients to do their own and save a few bucks.

Enhanced Revenue Streams

Need more cash? We offer specialized partnering opportunities to generate new revenue streams for your business.

Tech-first approach to Payment Plan Funding

We use the latest technology to power your payment processing experience.

Track your business metrics

Our marketer portal dashboard enables you monitor your funding portfolio at a glance.

We offer a simple set of charts and graphs to monitor and manage your service contract payment plans.

Term Contracts

Traditional vehicle service contract funding.

We provide all-in, traditional VSC funding services for direct-to-consumer sellers and their administrators. Contact us today to find out why our solutions are better than our competitiors.

customer service representative

Monthly Contracts

Renewable service contract and warranty funding.

We offer multiple funding and service offering scenarios for monthly renewable warranties and service contracts. Want to do your own customer service to avoid confusion for your customer? You can do that with us. Contact us to find out what common-sense solutions we offer.